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The best people make the best products. Our people are dedicated to the details and are enthusiastic about making the very best product.

We have these people at Row & Sail. Jochum Bierma, the founder of Row & Sail, works with a team of experts, each of whom is dedicated to perfecting each detail until a superior product is formed from the sum of its parts. Our designers and engineers are not under any pressures from a timeline, which removes any excuses to compromise for anything less than perfection. We have already invested several years in the development of the XCAT; time that you need to launch onto the market a unique boat that sets new standards in every sector rather than copying something that already exists. Innovation is only possible if you question things that have always been a certain way and which many people believed could not be improved. At Row & Sail, quality begins with the selection of the best materials, with details that others do not even notice, and in particular with testing the actual product to such an extent that we are one hundred percent sure that even the most critical customer will be satisfied with the final product.


XCAT – the Multi-Sport-Catamaran

Sailing - Rowing - SUP – combine your XCAT as you like it

Emotion in Action

Experience the XCAT in action.

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