Customer stories

With the versatile multi-sport-catamaran XCAT you can experience versatile stories. Here you can
find some of the journeys and adventures of our customers. Enjoy reading!

XCAT in Canada

Type of boat - XCAT Sail, RowVista
Michael E. , Prince Edward Island, Canada - In a word, the XCAT is "freedom". You put the XCAT on your car and any water you see while driving - ocean, lake, river or pond - you can stop and go there, quickly, and in...
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Rowing at Lake Garda

Type of boat - XCAT RowVista
Jacek S. , Italy - Sono molto contento dalle prestazioni et la qualità’ di XCAT - Inoltre è facile remare anche con la discreta onda e contro vento. I am very happy with the performance and quality...
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2 1/2 Years XCAT - I’d do it again!

Type of boat - XCAT Sail, RowVista, SUP
Manfred S. , Germany - Briefly about myself: I was born in Berlin in 1951, since 1966 I sail dinghies, took part in several regattas, since 1985 I prefer cruising and I have a second domicile at the...
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Rowing forwards through the canals of Venice - Vogalonga 2017

Type of boat - XCAT RowVista
Andreas, Angie, Anna, Barbara, Georg, Jochum, Selma , Venice - This year we took part at the Vogalonga with four XCATs equipped with the forward rowing system RowVista. The Vogalonga is an amazing 30 km rowing event, where you row through the...
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Sailing at the Sneekermeer in the Netherlands

Type of boat - XCAT Sail, Motor
Geert Jan S. , Netherlands - Jelma, mijn vrouw, is helemaal "om". Afgelopen woensdag met de XCAT op het Sneekermeer gezeild. Verwachting was dat er 30 km/u wind kwam, vlagen ruim 6 Beaufort. Ondanks alles...
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With the XCAT in Ulysses's homeland

Type of boat - XCAT Sail, RowMotion, Motor
Klaus S. , Germany - Exploring lonely bays with your own boat - isn't this everyones dream? Klaus fulfilled his dream in 2015 and sailed, rowed and was equipped with an outboard engine to go around...
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