Thu., 29. Jun 2017

XCAT in the Wall Street Journal

Read the article from 29th of June 2017 in the Wall Street Journal about the XCAT.

Follow this link or click on the images below, to read the article.

Sun., 4. Jun 2017

Vogalonga 2017 - rowing forwards through the canals of Venice

This year we took part at the Vogalonga with four XCATs equipped with the forward rowing system RowVista. The Vogalonga is an amazing 30 km rowing event, where you row through the picturesque canals of Venice starting from Piazza San Marco heading up north-east to the island Burano and back...

Fri., 16. Dec 2016

Hiking belts now available

For more sportable sailing we are offering paded hiking belts now.

Perfect in combination with our new hiking seats.

Mon., 11. Jul 2016

Hiking seats now available

Comfortable sitting, perfect as backrest, more sportable sailing.

All this points are perfectly solved with our new hiking seats.

The bench could be adjusted in an angle of 45 degrees to meet all requirements.

Thu., 21. Jan 2016

Slip-cart for XCAT now available

Now we also offer a slip-cart with long axle for the XCAT.

Dismountable to 5 parts for easy transport.

Wed., 26. Nov 2014

Slip-cart now available

Now we also offer a slip-cart for the XCAT.

The tires are removable for a space-saving transport.