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Serious fun, laid-back go-getter,
specialist for multi-functionality.

You could almost say that these attributes do not go together. Yet the XCAT brings them together in a way that you would not expect from a boat in this class. The XCAT is a true "multi-sport catamaran" that does not limit you to one discipline. The starting point for all model options is the XCAT Basic. From there you can add-on whatever you like, whenever you like - sailing, rowing/sculling, SUP, motor. Discover the XCAT -  the most versatile catamaran you have ever seen!

Length: 5,0 m | Width: 2,08 m | Height: 0,55 m | Load capacity: 260 KG

The hull skin is HDPE

A weatherproof, impact resistant and dirt repellent plastic that is easy to clean. Even mussels can be easily removed.


Environmentally friendly

HDPE and EPP are both very environmentally friendly and easy to recycle.


Low hulls 

make a swim ladder unnecessary. A major safety aspect when sailing single-handed.


Only click- and plug connectors

for a simple, quick setup without extra tools

Frame parts are made from anodized aluminum.

Stainless steel fittings and synthetic parts ensure durability and resistance against sea water.

High quality Textilene©

is the material we use for the trampoline netting. This is a hard-wearing, high-tech fabric with unique characteristics: weatherproof, breathable, easy to clean, mold and mildew resistant and self tensioning.

The hulls are filled with EPP particle foam, extremely resistant to impact, unsinkable and virtually indestructible. And yet, thanks to the foam core they are very light and stable. The foam cores also transmits forces efficiently from the crossbars to the hulls and vice-versa.

Precise steering with Tiller-Fix while Stand Up Paddling on the XCAT. (optional)

5 parts - total weight 55 kg (121 lbs).
Heaviest part 17.5 kg (38.5 lbs)
No tools required. Assembly time 3 min.

The XCAT Basic consists of just five parts that you can easily transport and store on any normal car. Two hulls, two cross-bars and center section - consisting of the trampoline and side beams. It all adds up to 55 kilograms (121 pounds). None of the individual parts weighs more than 17.5 kilograms (38.5 pounds). 5 parts that you can carry, transport, assemble and dismantle all on your own - without tools. The XCAT Basic can be assembled in 3 minutes.

The world's first hard-hulled catamaran that can easily be transported on the roof of your car.

 Roof rack compatible. None of the individual parts weighing more than 17.5 kilograms (38.5 pounds). Total weight being 55 kg (121 pounds). No tools required for assembly - This makes it easy for every person, also alone, to transport and store the XCAT on any normal car.

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We have compiled a collection of detailed information in our download area, ranging from the pricelist to the XCAT brochure in PDF format and the instruction manual. If you still have any questions then please contact us using our contact form.

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