XCAT – the Multi-Sport-Catamaran: Sailing, Rowing, SUP, Motor

The best people make the best products. Our people are dedicated to the details and are enthusiastic about making the very best product.

We have these people at Row & Sail. Jochum Bierma, the founder of Row & Sail, works with a team of experts, each of whom is dedicated to perfecting each detail until a superior product is formed from the sum of its parts. Our designers and engineers are not under any pressures from a timeline, which removes any excuses to compromise for anything less than perfection. We have already invested several years in the development of the XCAT. Time that you need to launch onto the market a unique boat that sets new standards in every sector rather than copying something that already exists.

Innovation is only possible if you question things that have always been a certain way and which many people believed could not be improved. At Row & Sail, quality begins with the selection of the best materials, with details that others do not even notice, and in particular with testing the actual product to such an extent that we are one hundred percent sure that even the most critical customer will be satisfied with the final product.

Combine your XCAT as you like it. Take your XCAT wherever you like!

XCAT Basic

5 components.
1 boat. 55 kg total weight
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Mobile sailing catamaran
weighing just 75 kg
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High-tech forward rowing system
for beginners & professionals
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Classic rowing option
with sliding seat for the XCAT
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Eyes toward the bow - and go!
Since the dawn of rowing: The inventor's sound barrier is a forward rowing system. After over 100 attempts and patents - finally, the breakthrough with RowVista©? Forward...
The German sailing magazine YACHT reports on an trekking adventure with the XCAT in the Wadden Sea
Playing with nature Twelve in one go: Our customer Michael Kujawa explored all the West and East Frisian Islands in three weeks with...
eProp - electric outboarder now available!
We have adapted the ePropulsion Vaquita for XCAT sailing catamaran! Range at full power: approx. 8km - runtime approx. 70 minutes Range at half power...
XCAT enthusiasm also enormous in Israel
We are pleased with the experience report on the Israeli news site YNET. The XCAT passed its practical test on the famous beach of Sdot Yam (near...
Segel Regatta auf dem Geiseltalsee
On September 11, 2021, a sailing regatta took place on the Geiseltalsee in Saxony-Anhalt. We were at the start with 8 XCAT sailing catamarans as our own boat class. Congratulations...
TIP: ECKLA wall mount for easy storage of the XCAT hulls
You are looking for a storage place for your XCAT? Our tip: The ECKLA wall mount. The ECKLA wall...
XCAT meet up 2019 in Heringsdorf/Baltic sea island Usedom
With a record attendance of 20 XCAT crews, the regional XCAT meet up organized by Multiboot XCAT in Heringsdorf/Baltic sea island Usedom in July 2019...
XCAT featured in the Multihull Sailor Magazin Fall 2017
"XCAT - A beach cat that really can do it all" (Adam Cort). Read the whole boat review of our beach catamaran XCAT from the magazine Multihull Sailor Fall 2017.
XCAT in the Wall Street Journal
Read the article from 29th of June 2017 in the Wall Street Journal about the XCAT. Follow this ...
Hiking belts now available
For more sportable sailing we are offering paded hiking belts now. Perfect in combination with our new hiking seats.
Hiking seats now available
Comfortable sitting, perfect as backrest, more sportable sailing. All this points are perfectly solved with our new hiking seats. The bench could be adjusted in an angle of 45...
Slip-cart for XCAT now available
Now we also offer a slip-cart with long axle for the XCAT. Dismountable to 5 parts for easy transport.
Slip-cart now available
Now we also offer a slip-cart for the XCAT. The tires are removable for a space-saving transport.
XCAT photo shoot on Lake Traunsee
Probably the last day of the year with perfect weather saw the XCAT team out on the lake for an exciting photo-shoot. We took more than 300 photos in conditions that could not have been better:...
With the XCAT in Ulysses's homeland
With the XCAT in Ulysses's homeland
Exploring lonely bays with your own boat - isn't this everyones dream? Klaus fulfilled his dream in 2015 and sailed, rowed and was equipped with an outboard engine to go around the island Ithaka...
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Sailing at the Sneekermeer in the Netherlands
Sailing at the Sneekermeer in the Netherlands
Jelma, mijn vrouw, is helemaal "om". Afgelopen woensdag met de XCAT op het Sneekermeer gezeild. Verwachting was dat er 30 km/u wind kwam, vlagen ruim 6 Beaufort. Ondanks alles strak kwam 1...
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Rowing forwards through the canals of Venice - Vogalonga 2017
Rowing forwards through the canals of Venice - Vogalonga 2017
This year we took part at the Vogalonga with four XCATs equipped with the forward rowing system RowVista®. The Vogalonga is an amazing 30 km rowing event, where you row through the picturesque...
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