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This vision turned into the XCAT - the result
of enthusiasm and innovative strength

From a vision to a product that has since fired the enthusiasm of water sport fans all over the world. Sailing, rowing or stand-up paddling - the XCAT is the perfect, multifunctional platform for numerous water sports that you can simply enjoy because it is quickly assembled and easy to transport. Simply unload from the car roof rack. Assemble in a few minutes without tools. And then start enjoying your favourite sport - no tedious inflation required.

As previously mentioned - unlike many other catamarans that are easy to transport (HappyCat, SmartCat, MiniCAT, Ducky, etc.) - the XCAT features solid hulls that are filled with an unsinkable foam core. A catamaran with solid hulls has advantages over an inflatable catamaran, not just in terms of water line (the long and stable water line of the XCAT is extremely favourable thanks to the solid hulls and lets you sail even when there is not a lot of wind), but also in terms of weight. The material of inflatable catamarans is actually quite heavy and in order to achieve a reasonably favourable water line the pockets need to have a relatively large diameter. This means a lot of material and as a result a lot of weight.

XCAT – the result of real enthusiasm and innovative strength

RowVista®: forwards rowing system with hand-controlled oar blade feathering

Quick and without tools
Transport on your car roof rack

The complete sailing version of the XCAT is fully assembled in less than 12 minutes - no tools required: just slot in and click together. Its light weight (no part weighs more than 17.5 kg!) makes the XCAT boat when flexibility matters - one person can load and transport an XCAT on their own using a standard car, so all your options are open!

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Made in Austria - the Row&Sail boatyard

At Row&Sail we spend every day working enthusiastically on developing innovations at our boat yard in Lichtenberg near Linz / Austria. We always put new products through their paces to optimise them before they are launched on the market to be absolutely sure that they will exceed the expectations of our most demanding customers and fans.

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