2 1/2 Years XCAT - I’d do it again!

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Manfred S. , Germany - 04.07.2017

Briefly about myself: I was born in Berlin in 1951, since 1966 I sail dinghies, took part in several regattas, since 1985 I prefer cruising and I have a second domicile at the Peloponnese in Greece, where my XCAT is lying now. Before I owned a Laser, sold it and changed to the XCAT. The reasons were obvious:

  • Multi-usage of the XCAT as a swimming platform, stand up paddling, sculling and of course sailing.
  • Unproblematically taking my grandchildren, friends and wife on board (of course not all at once, respect weight limits).
  • Transport and assembly are really well thought through, no part weighs more than 17,5 kg
  • Transport on the car roof, assembly – also without help – possible. With help it is more fun of course


Sailing characteristics:

As a dinghy sailor I needed to get used to sailing catamarans. Speed and security at the XCAT (Capsizing nearly impossible, compared to the Laser) are top. Tacking by trimming the balance – as described by XCAT – are possible. I prefer jibing, especially when others sail with me. The beginnings in 2015 and 2016 were exciting. I immediately started with the assembly. I’m a sailor, so I thought I know everything!!! Ha, Ha. But after studying the instructions everything was much easier!  My expectations of the multi-usage were fully met. XCAT is great, but thanks to the waves at the Mediterranean Sea, also pretty wet at the buttocks. The fair in Düsseldorf in 2017 was the turning point. Essential things have been improved. Jochum Bierma, the inventor of the XCAT, bolstered me up. You can upgrade everything. Showed, done. My XCAT model 2015 is now up to date. Conversion/Modification thanks to instructions (and consideration of the company) was really for a normally talented office employee (me) possible.


What did I change:

  • Retrofitted the bow net with bowsprit.
  • Extended the reef leash for the line furler (now easy to operate from the steering place).
  • New sheets for the foresheet with the system of the Barber hauler.
  • Two hiking seats with integrated paddle-holder and the most important for an old dinghy sailor: foot straps/hiking straps integrated in the trampoline (Replacement of the old trampoline necessary). Now I sit, -- high and dry --, see picture. The request, can I sail with you, doubled. Returning with dry shorts is tempting.

In autumn (October) I return to the Peloponnese. Xiropigado is my home port, opposite of Nafplio, see map. Then I want to cover a bigger radius/distance with luggage on the XCAT. I also think about a motorization.


Conclusion: I am totally convinced of the concept!


I gladly share my experiences/knowledge. Please contact Jochum Bierma and he will forward you to me.

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