Rowing forwards through the canals of Venice - Vogalonga 2017

XCAT RowVista®

Andreas, Angie, Anna, Barbara, Georg, Jochum, Selma , Venice - 04.06.2017

This year we took part at the Vogalonga with four XCATs equipped with the forward rowing system RowVista®. The Vogalonga is an amazing 30 km rowing event, where you row through the picturesque canals of Venice starting from Piazza San Marco heading up north-east to the island Burano and back again passing through Murano and finally the highlight of the race: rowing through the Canale Grande. During the whole time the shipping traffic was closed and you experience Venice without the busy water taxis, motor boats and a beautiful calm sea – the background of the race. The Vogalonga was actually founded to show Venice how calm Venice could be like without the strong wave washes from all the motor boats. Since 1974 they have been celebrating this event once a year.

The Vogalonga was a great experince with a unique atmosphere for all of us, which already started at the camping site Fusina the day we arrived. The whole camping site was full of water-sports-enthusiastic people who were busy unpacking their kayaks, skiffs, etc. and we gladly joined and quickly assembled our XCATs to be ready for the race. Next year, we will be there again!

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