Thank you, Alex from Red Beard Sailing. You've helped me extend my sailing experience well into my senior years!


Rich L. , San Diego, California, USA - 09.10.2017

The XCAT is fast, easy to rig & de-rig, NO trailed needed, easy to learn on, much less likely to capsize or pitch poll when sailing fast. I'm no longer concerned about sailing solo in the ocean. I'm very old and I knew my days were numbered rigging & de-rigging the Hobie 16. This XCAT is much easier to assemble & has extended my days of sailing by a couple of years. Several people have asked me, after I had rigged the boat, how I could get it in the back of my truck. All I had was the truck & a truck bed extender - NO TRAILER. My wife has a navicular fracture so I'm now sailing solo. Not a problem.

Thank God for Alex Caslow at Red Beard Sailing and for the XCAT Catamaran!

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