XCAT in Canada

XCAT Sail, RowVista®

Michael E. , Prince Edward Island, Canada - 25.07.2017

In a word, the XCAT is "freedom". You put the XCAT on your car and any water you see while driving - ocean, lake, river or pond - you can stop and go there, quickly, and in perfect safety. Canada has literally millions of lakes and the longest coastline in the world. If you can get close to it by road, you can go on it. With other boats, you need a trailer, boat launch or expensive marina. Canoes and kayaks are tippy and unsafe. The XCAT is stable and basically unsinkable.
I've been 25km offshore in Lake Ontario, in 2-3 metre waves, almost out of sight of land and felt very safe. I've taken the XCAT to nearly all the Great Lakes and to the Atlantic Ocean off the East Coast of Canada many times. I even bought a house on the ocean, just so I can use the XCAT more often. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made.

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