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How heavy is the XCAT really?

The XCAT Basic, the basis for all other XCAT options, weighs exactly 55 kg, complete. Light enough to be assembled, dismantled and loaded onto the roof of any car by one person. None of the individual parts weighs more than 17,5 kg.

What does the XCAT cost?

You can find our current price list here.

Do you need a sailing licence for an XCAT?

Apart from on a few lakes in Germany, you do not need a sailing licence to use an XCAT because the surface area of the sails is below the area for which you need a licence.

Do you need to attend a course to sail an XCAT?

Basically, it is sufficient if you read up about the principles of sailing in a book or online. The XCAT is designed to be operated by everybody without having to undergo extensive training. However, an introductory sailing course would be useful and would certainly help you make the most of your XCAT sooner.

How far can you row in one day with the XCAT?

The RowMotion® system on the XCAT is intuitive and efficient to operate. Even a novice rower can manage distances of 30 to 40 km a day without problems. The XCAT is therefore an excellent boat for river and lake treks.

Row in the direction you are facing. How does this work exactly?

The RowVista® is an ingenious system that lets you row in the direction you are facing without energy loss at the same time as ensuring perfect rotation of the oar blades. This innovation makes it possible to move forwards instead of backwards, but using exactly the same motions as for conventional rowing. You do not even need to turn your head to see where you are going.

What can I do with the Stand-Up Paddling option?

This option is the most cost-effective way of entering the world of the XCAT. There are loads of different things you can do. From relaxing while fishing to using the boat as a platform for bathing or enjoying a picnic on the water. Apart from that, it is very easy to manoeuvre the XCAT using Stand-Up-Paddling.

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